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 Quantum | Backup

Established as a key player in tape libraries, Quantum has both experience and depth of solutions for today’s backup and storage requirements. 

Scaler Tape Libraries 

Esdebe recommend the Quantum Scalar range of tape libraries for highly efficient and cost effective tape storage solutions.

Quantum Scalar Intelligent Tape Libraries

Quantum Scalar libraries are the solution of choice for archiving applications and long-term data retention. Intelligent and proactive monitoring and management reduces administration time and service interruptions keeping IT staff focused on key business objectives. 

With such advanced management, industry leading performance, reliability and scalability, it’s easy to see why Esdebe recommend Quantum and why Scalar Tape Libraries are the market share leader in tape backup and automation.

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DXi Backup Storage 

Quantum new portfolio of deduplication solutions provides variable length deduplication that not only reduces disk usage but also backup completion at insane speeds!

Highly efficient data movement for backup replication to other sites or the cloud is coupled with significant reduction in capital expenditure as DXi appliances are over provisioned upon delivered and scale to accommodate your requirements today and into the future. 


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World class & niche backup solutions to protect your data.


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