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Not all DR solutions are the same

When you designate a server as a Protected Node (PN), Quorum onQ will take a full backup of the PN including the server image, applications and data. Once completed, incremental backups will take place at the prescribed intervals (as often as every 15 minutes).


During the backup, onQ deduplicates at the source. Once the backup is complete, onQ will deduplicate again across the repository.

This provides a second level of reduplication to make it as efficient as possible.

Deduplication enables much faster backups, and reduces storage consumption which in turn helps you to keep costs under control.

Instant Recovery (VM Clones) 

Once you have identified a server as a PN, and its first backup completed, an exact replica of that server will be created as a VM clone called a Recovery Node (RN). The RN is stored locally on the onQ high availability (HA) appliance; and updated with each incremental backup. When needed, the RN can be spun-up within a few minutes – literally the time it takes to boot the VM. At this point, the server, associated applications and data will be available to users. We refer to this as PREcovery, because not only are the recovery VMs prebuilt and ready-to-run, but they are also pretested – ensuring superfast and reliable failover. In addition, when recovery in hours – as opposed to minutes – is deemed acceptable, RN recovery on-demand is available as a cost-saving measure.


While the RN is being created or updated, the deduplicated data, recorded by the local onQ appliance can then be replicated to a second onQ at a designated DR site – either your remote site, or in the Quorum cloud.

This replication not only is sending just the delta, but the data is also compressed and encrypted to minimize any network traffic-related bottlenecks, and ensure maximum data transfer speeds; while maintaining the utmost security. Once the data transfer is complete, the DR solution completes the same process of keeping a repository of data and creating/updating RNs to maintain a fully PREcovered DR solution.

Auto Self-Test 

One of the most popular features of onQ is the ability to conduct automated testing of the RNs and associated networking. You can conduct these tests on a daily basis, schedule them in advance, and be notified if any failures occur. Gain peace of mind via automated, non-intrusive testing of every protected server. Know that when you call onQ into action, that it will perform as intended.


onQ’s integrated sandbox can be used for performing a full DR Test without disrupting production. It can also be used for testing patches, new apps and configurations – before you push them to the production environment. And, because the onQ sandbox contains exact replicas of your PNs, you can be assured that testing is both reliable and convenient.

Migration Tools 

Failover to onQ is easy – just a single click of your mouse; or a tap on your smartphone or tablet. However, as you know, failover is only half the battle. Ease of failback to the production environment is equally important; and with other HA, disaster recovery (DR) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions, can prove difficult. However, onQ enables you to easily perform bare metal restore (BMR) to dissimilar hardware and/or platforms – physical-to-virtual, virtual-to-virtual, virtual-to-physical or physical-to-physical. Another advantage of onQ is that not only can it perform a full BMR, but it can also perform incremental failback.

For example, instead of requiring enough downtime to restore your entire 2TB file server, which could take hours, you would only need downtime sufficient to recover the amount of data changed since the failover. So, if only 20GB of change, that could be recovered in minutes – limiting your downtime and ensuring the most efficient recovery possible. It’s a win-win!


onQ Archive Vault is a natural extension to the onQ platform; enabling policy-based migration and long term storage of deduplicated data (virtually unlimited) that must be maintained for extended periods of time (i.e., compliance, eDiscovery/litigation requirements).


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