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      DR to Cloud

 DR to the Cloud

Minimise the impact of any downtime with a cost-effective and the secure DR to the Cloud solution from Esdebe.

By leveraging remote resilient data centres, Esdebe is able to provide a dedicated offsite vCenter that can be accessed securely via site-to-site VPN’s or MPLS networks. This provides all the benefits of co-location, within a fully managed and monitored environment. With direct access to the servers from within vCenter, IT administrators can take full control of their remote environment by spinning up servers as and when they require.

 Esdebe are able to offer this level of resiliency and failover at a VMware or storage level, for NetApp environments. This flexibility and manageability of the customer’s hosted environment gives them both piece of mind and reassurance that in the event of a major disaster they can be backup and running in a matter of minutes rather than days.

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DR to Cloud

Cost-effective, secure DR to the Cloud solution.


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