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 FastBackup Cloud

A joined up approach to Data Backup, Recovery and Management.


FASTBackUp.Cloud combines the benefits of cloud-based Data Recovery, Backup and Availability with trusted expertise in building enterprise class data management solutions.

The solution is a blueprint+ service aligned 100% with your Backup and DR objectives, delivered using a secure, fast, private or public networked, hybrid cloud-based platform.

100% Aligned with your objectives 

To understand your strategic requirements, we work with you to get a clear understanding of your IT landscape, objectives and requirements. We analyse your data and work with your business to define a solution that meets your objectives of both recovery and cost.

Many clients only need cloud backup and DR for mission critical data and systems.

By proposing a solution that treats archive data differently from front line critical data, we can deliver a cost effective solution that delivers for the business without blowing the budget. 

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Our Solutions

DR to Cloud

Cost-effective, secure DR to the Cloud solution.


Data Backup, Recovery and Management.